Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Create Rapid Massacre - Reality Sux (2014)

Reality Sux cover art 
Artist: Create Rapid Massacre
Album: Reality Sux
Genre: Deathcore/ Death Metal
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. First Step
2. Utopia Disfigured
3. S-Pull
4. Never On Cooldown
5. Second Step
6. Stalin 21
7. Lowest Forms
8. Destroy Reality

 Bandcamp (NYP)

Great new album from these guys, lots of death metal elements, some sick solos and some breakdowns here and there. Give them a listen!

Wicked World - As I Decay (2015)

As I Decay EP cover art 
Artist: Wicked World
Album: As I Decay
Genre: Deathcore/Hardcore/Beatdown
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Kiss of Death
2. Penance (ft. Zachary Hatfield of Left Behind and Kevyn Reece of 2X4)
3. Face the Cold
4. The Deep
5. Vexed
6. Will to Die (ft. Bryan Long of Dealey Plaza)
7. I Lost God Today (ft. Connor Karwowski of No Zodiac)

Lots of different genres with these guys from beatdown to hardcore to death metal you will be headbanging all the way.  Give them a listen!

Left To The Wolves - For Those Who Carry Sorrow - Single (2014)

For Those Who Carry Sorrow cover art 
Artist: Left To The Wolves
Album: For Those Who Carry Sorrow - Single
Genre: Deathcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. For Those Who Carry Sorrow

Great new single from these guys,some heavy breakdowns, blast beats and more of a melodic and classic deathcore feel to it.

Shattered Reality - Into The Abyss (2015)

Into The Abyss cover art 
Artist: Shattered Reality
Album: Into The Abyss
Genre: Deathcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Terror Reign (Intro)
2. Into The Abyss
3. Red Eye
5. Sadistic Implament
6. The Remnants
7. Misery
8. The Open Sea
9. ... And They All Went Overboard
10. Reflections

 Bandcamp (NYP)
 iTunes ($10)

Damn this is some heavy fucking deathcore and those highs though. Brutal breakdowns and blast beats check it!

MetaVoid - Parasymmetry (2014)

Parasymmetry cover art 
Artist: MetaVoid
Album: Parasymmetry
Genre: Djent/Groove/Deathcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Icosahedron
2. Octahedron
3. Dodecahedron
4. Hexahedron
5. Tetrahedron

 Bandcamp (NYP)

This is an awesome album, lots of grooves with a strong Meshuggah feel. Give em a listen!

Monday, January 19, 2015

From The Bottom We Rise - Single (2015)

Empty Apologies cover art 
Artist: From The Bottom We Rise
Album: Empty Apologies - Single
Genre: Deathcore/ Melodic Deathcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Empty Apologies

 Bandcamp (NYP)
Music Video

New single from these guys if you like lots of grooves and heavy breakdowns give them a listen!

We Rise the Tides - Death Walk - EP (2014)

Artist: We Rise the Tides
Album: Death Walk - EP
Genre: Metalcore/ Progressive Metalcore
 Bit Rate: 320 Kbps
1. Mortification
2. Five Months
3. Creator
4. Flesh and Blood
5. Pins & Needles
6. For the Worst
7. Worthless

iTunes ($6.93)
Lyric Video: Pins & Needles

Pretty sick  band, lots of heavy breakdowns with grooves, some prog elements and not too much singing, give them a listen!

Immoralist - Widow EP (2013)

Artist: Immoralist
Album: Widow - EP
Genre: Deathcore
Bit Rate: VBR

1. 145
2. Death Spitter
3. Disrespect
4. Haunted
5. Slumlord
6. Son of Misery

This is some brutal shit, beatdown style deathcore. Sadly I they removed this from their bandcamp for some reason, but you can download their new single there now Bandcamp
New things coming soon from these guys!

Chamber of Malice - Dead City Deathcore - EP (2013)

Artist: Chamber of Malice
Album: Dead City Deathcore - EP
Genre: Deathcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps
1. Intro
2. Space Bitch
3. Shotgun Beatdown
4. Stonecold
5. The Plot of Humanity

Bandcamp (NYP)

This band is some heavy deathcore, it has some brutal breakdowns, some beatdown in there and blast beats. It will have you headbanging all the way through. If you like this you can get their newest album for 5 EU on bandcamp!

Emerald Vale - Malevolence - EP (2013)

Artist: Emerald Vale
Album: Malevolence - EP
Genre: Progressive Deathcore/Technical Deathcore
Bit Rate: 256 Kbps

1. The Unspoken
2. Pure Being
3. Insincerity
4. Asylum
5. Ezekiel 23:20
6. Servant of Darkness

This Australian band is just all over the place from crazy melodies to blast beats to brutal breakdowns and some progressive elements. Check them out!

Beckon the Dead - The Dead Are Coming - EP (2013)

Artist: Beckon the Dead
Album: The Dead Are Coming - EP
Genre: Deathcore
Bit Rate: 256 Kbps

1. Commencement
2. Harbinger of Death
3. Zombie Apocalypse
4. The Fiction of Faith
5. Expulsion
6. Relentless Suffering
7. Betrayal

Music Video: Harbinger of Death

Holy shit these guys are brutal, if you like blast beats, crazy vocals and brutal breakdowns check this out! 

Drag The Lake - I Am Violence (2012)

Artist: Drag The Lake
Album: I Am Violence
Genre: Deathcore
Bit Rate:128 Kbps
1. Widowmaker
2. Deathrow
3. I Am Violence
4. Claymore
5. To The Crows (ft. Michael Burton)

  Bandcamp ($2)

These guys are brutal as hell from Canada, check this shit out!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Volition - Intentions - EP (2012)

Intentions EP cover art 
Artist: Volition
Album: Intentions - EP
Genre: Deathcore/Beatdown/Djent
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. A Beast Within
2. Artifice
3. Purgatio (Feat. Taylor Voeltz of Mureau)

Bandcamp (NYP)

  Found this on my iPod from a while back, this is some good shit. Heavy breakdowns with a bit of beatdown and some grooves. Give em a listen!

To Be A King - Fear Not - EP (2014)

Fear Not cover art 
Artist: To Be A King
Album: Fear Not - EP
Genre: Progressive Deathcore/Deathcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Plagued
2. Fear Not
3. Arkaik
4. Desolation
5. Forgiven

 Bandcamp ($5)

I posted a single from these guys a few months ago and this EP doesn't disappoint.  Lots of heavy breakdowns and grooves with some sick progressive elements. Check them out if you haven't already!

Hands Of A Saviour - Not Waving But Drowning (2014)

Not Waving But Drowning cover art 
Artist: Hands Of A Saviour
Album: Not Waving But Drowning
Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore/Progressive/Experimental/Djent
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Futility Part I: Safety In Numbers
2. Futility Part II: Poisoned Sleep
3. No One Has To Know
4. Trust Nothing; Love No One
5. Nobody Heard Him, The Dead Man
6. This Is What Church Should Feel Like
7. The Price Equation
8. Smile
9. Not Waving But Drowning

Bandcamp (3 EU)

This is a really awesome album. Lots of grooves, heavy breakdowns, some sick progressive elements and interesting vocals. Well worth a listen!

Lionfight - Lionfight - EP (2014)

Artist: Lionfight
Album: Lionfight -EP 
Genre: Hardcore/Nu Metal
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Fake Friend
2. Uncle Ben
3. Vine
4. Wrightwood


Interesting EP, lots of heavy and groovy breakdowns  and the vocals are kind of all over the place from screaming to singing to rapping. Check them out!

Dissenter - Summer Of 2014 - EP (2014)

Dissenter Summer Of 2014 EP cover art 
Artist: Dissenter
Album: Summer Of 2014 - EP 
Genre: Deathcore/ Hardcore/ Beatdown
Bit Rate:VBR

1. Drug Lord
3. xMaxinOutx

Bandcamp (NYP)

 These guys are pretty sick, if you like heavy breakdowns lots of grooves and a bit of beatdown check them out!

Legal - Instrumental (2014)

Instrumental cover art
Artist: Legal
Album: Instrumental
Genre: Deathcore/Progressive/Instrumental/Djent
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Intro
2. Ocean
3. Wild West
4. Charlie
5. Glock
6. Jungle
7. Leopard
8. Farewell
9. Outro

Bandcamp (NYP)

Awesome new album from the same dude of Art Of Rend All. Lots of grooves heavy and grimy breakdowns with some progressive elements. Check it out!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dawning Of The Inferno - Purification (2014)

 Artist: Dawning Of The Inferno
Album: Purification 
Genre: Deathcore/Progressive Deathcore
Bit Rate: VBR

1. Purification 
2. Summoning
3. Modern Slavery
4. Virtue In Violence
5. Rebirth
 6. False Prophet's 

I posted a single from these guys this past summer and this album is no disappointment.  This album has some brutal breakdowns sometimes a bit beatdown. Also a lot of death metal sound to it. Check them out!

Ultra Violent Rhapsody - Threnody - Single (2015)

Threnody cover art 
Artist: Ultra Violent  Rhapsody
Album: Threnody
Genre: Progressive Deathcore/Djent
Bit Rate: VBR

1. Threnody

Bandcamp (NYP)

Cool new track from this dude's one man project. Lots of heavy breakdowns, some cool atmospheric elements and some awesome melodies going around. Well worth a listen and give this guy a like on facebook!

Nemertines - Mechta O Mechte - EP (2013)

Mechta O Mechte cover art
Artist: Nemertines
Album: Mechta O Mechte
Genre: Atmospheric Djent/Deathcore/ Mathcore/Instrumental/Experimental
Bit Rate: VBR

1. You Are The Centre Of The Universe
2. The Snake
3. Makes Me Feel Like Shit
4. Sick Kiss
5. She Is A Lesbian (Album version)
6. Stool
7. Perfect
8. Ordinary Day

Bandcamp (NYP)

This is just an amazing 1 man project from Russia. Its really heavy and grimy and eery but also atmospheric. It feels pretty experimental to. Check it out, there are tons of his albums on bandcamp some free some for a few dollars!