Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Akashic Record - Elevation (2014)

Elevation cover art
Artist: The Akashic Record
Album: Elevation
Genre: Progressive Deathcore/ Djent
Bit Rate: VBR

 1. Epiphany
2. Weapons of Mass Deception
3. Ineffable
4. The Infinite Void
5. Elevation
6. Emergence (Ft. Sam of Osage Hills)

Bandcamp (NYP)

This is some pretty sick stuff, heavy as shit breakdowns, tons of grooves and some atmosphere to go in there. Well worth a listen!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Out Of Yesteryear - Mass (2013)

Artist: Out of Yesteryear
Album: Mass
Genre: Blackened Symphonic Deathcore
 Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Paranoid Disgust
2. Messenger of Doom
3. Tyrants Or Slaves
4. The Pig King
5. Blood Like Mercury
6. Retribution In Serenity
7. The Primal Silence
8. Call of Sin
9. IX


As you guys probably know I'm a big fan of the blackend/symphonic deathcore bands and this one of them. These guys have a bunch of different genres mixed in this album, crazy guitar riffs, blast beats and brutal breakdowns. Well worth a listen. 

I, Leviathan - Heartless Abomination - Single (2014)

Artist: I, Leviathan
Album: Heartless Abomination - Single
Genre: Deathcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Heartless Abomination (Ft. James Hank of I Declare War)

  Bandcamp (NYP)
Preview: Lyric Video

Another awesome track from I, Leviathan, heavy as fuck I can't wait for their album to drop, check them out if you haven't already! 

End These Days - We Stand For You - Single (2014)

Artist: End These Days
Album: We Stand For You - Single
Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. New Beginning
2. The Moment ( Feat. Blind 666 of Gwamegi)

Youtube - New Beginning

These guys are a hardcore band from South Korea, if you like heavy breakdowns and lots of 2 step check them out! FFO: The Ghost Inside

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Idols - Choose Hate (2013)

Choose Hate cover art 
Artist: Idols
Album: Choose Hate
Genre: Hardcore/Deathcore
Bit Rate: VBR

1. Preacher
2. Remnant
3. Milestone
4. Euthanize
5. Illusions
6. Choose Hate
7. Deadweight
8. Voices (Featuring Jamie Hanks of I Declare War)
9. Harlequin
10. Wake (Featuring Jonathan Huber of Pathology)

Bandcamp ($7)

Heavy as shit breakdowns with a bunch of low vocals and of course lots of blast beats.  Check them out!

Spherian - Forge (2014)

Artist: Spherian
Album: Forge
Genre: Ambient/ Progressive Metalcore/Instrumental/Djent
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps
1. Axis 
2. Natural´s Spiral
3 Crowd Of Cinders
4. Saferoom
5. Forge
6. Galian
7. Magnets

Bandcamp (NYP)

Such an amazing album, super ambient, full of grooves, everything just flows together. Well worth a listen! 

Disrupting the Abacus - The Arrival (2014)

Artist: Disrupting the Abacus
Album: The Arrival
Genre: Progressive Deathcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps
1. The Arrival
2. Agharta
3. An Archetype
4. Incursion
5. The Calm Before (Featuring CJ Romano)
6. Currents
7. Backglade
8. Absolute Zero
9. From Ash
10. Throne of Bone
11. Rejuvenate
12. Disrupting the Abacus

Bandcamp ($7)

I loved this as soon as I heard it, heavy as shit breakdowns, awesome melodic parts and vocals. Check them out! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The White Tomb - Theoretical Thanatology (2014)

Theoretical Thanatology cover art 
Artist: The White Tomb
Album: Theoretical Thanatology
Genre: Blackened Deathcore
Bit Rate: VBR

1. Infinity Imbibed
2. Blood Of The Beast
3. Dreaming Of Violence
4. Slaughtered
5. Bathed In The Fire Of Hate
6. Neuroprecognitive  Anthropomorph
7. Torn From The Bosom Of Mother Earth
8. The Tales Of The Three Brothers
9. The Shackles Of Faith

Bandcamp (NYP)

This album is pretty damn good! Amazing vocals, brutal breakdowns and tons of blast beats. What I really don't understand is how the cleans fit in there especially considering the genre.  Either way still a solid album!

As Oceans - The Relics of Axiom (2013)

Artist: As Oceans
Album: The Relics of Axiom
Genre: Progressive Deathcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps
1. Life Is Suffering
2. Anima Mundi
3. Filth By the Wicked
4. Suffering Is Attachment
5. Temples
6. Artificial Genesis
7. Finding Closure
8. Solemn Take
9. Unrequited
10. Architects of Scorn
11. Cessation of Suffering
12. Arbutus Roots

Bandcamp ($1)

These guys are pretty sick, lots of  breakdowns that will make you headbang, along with some pretty sick vocals and some ambient/progressive parts to smooth it all over. The only thing I find that isn't needed in this album are the clean vocals, but there aren't enough in there for it to be a problem. 

Arteries - Layers (2013)

Layers cover art 
Artist: Arteries
Album: Layers
Genre: Ambient/ Progressive Deathcore/Djent
Bit Rate: VBR

1. Sequences
2. Cor Humanum
3. Conspiracies
4. Layers
5. Atmospheres
6. Empires
7. Remedies
8. Ischaemia 
9. Illusions
10. Maladies
11. Vena Cava
12. Paralyses

Preview Bandcamp(NYP) (Incomplete album)

 These guys are too awesome and need more recognition (only 130 likes on facebook). This ep is full of heavy breakdowns and vocals, tons of grooves, and lots of ambiance all through it kind of like Aristeia. Check them out, well worth a listen!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Through Lifeless Eyes - Monsters In Every Man (2014)

Artist: Through Lifeless Eyes
Album: Monsters On Every Man
Genre: Progressive Metalcore/Djent
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps
1. Intro
2. Monsters On Every Man
3. The Machine
4. Sadness
5. Apophis
6. A Shadow´s Cast
7. The Darkness Spreads
8. The Devil Inside
9. Ashes Of King
10. Compartmentalization
11. Destroyer Of Worlds
12. Outro

Bandcamp (NYP)

These guys just dropped this amazing album, some sick prog elements in there, brutal breakdowns. An overall solid album!

Serpents - Born of Ishtar (2013)

Artist: Serpents
Album: Born of Ishtar
Genre: Blackened Deathcore/ Symphonic Deathcore
Bit Rate: 256 Kbps
1. The Era of Oblivion
2. The Omniscient's Scorn
3. The Herald of Heresy
4. The Ruin of Cyclicity
5. The Requiem
6. The Dominion of Deprivation
7. The Punishment of Existence
8. The Epilogue
9. The Shadow of Timelessness


This is some awesome deathcore with kind of a black metal vibe, there's also some well placed choirs all over the album, brutal breakdowns, blast beats and some pretty sick vocals. Check them out! Dl creds to DWTD

Terra Mourn - You Made Me Realize (2013)

Artist: Terra Mourn
Album: You Made Me Realize
Genre: Progressive Deathcore/Djent
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Tons Of Scorching Sand
2. Farther Reaches
3. Slave
4. Blind Preacher
5. Accident

Awesome band i just found, it has a really cool progressive feel to it and goes great with some slow brutal breakdowns and sick vocals. Check them out!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ellipsis - Ancestral (2013)

Artist: Ellipsis
Album: Ancestral
Genre: Progressive Metalcore/Djent
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps
1. Introduction
2. Ancestral
3. Temporal Displacement
4. Catatonia

I've been waiting for this ep for a while, and it was worth the wait! Tons of grooves, lots of atmosphere with a prog feel to it and some heavy breakdowns! FFO: Auras, Entities.

John Wayne - Tempestade (2012)

Artist: John Wayne
Album: Tempestade
Genre: Deathcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps 

3. Ascensão
4. Lágrimas
 5.Retrato da Nossa Miséria
6. Solaris
7. Trégua
 8. Pregue a Paz
9.Talvez o Amanhã
 10. Aliança

Preview: Soundcloud

This is a sick deathcore album, amazing vocals, brutal breakdowns and blast beats, what more could you want? 

Persefone - Spiritual Migration (2013)

Album: Spiritual Migration
Genre: Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps
1. Flying Sea Dragons
2. Mind As Universe
3. The Great Reality
4. Zazen Meditation
5. The Majestic Of Gaia
6. Consciousness (pt. 1), Sitting In Silence
7. Consciousness (pt. 2), A Path To Enlightenment 
8. Inner Fullness
9. Metta Meditation
10. Upward Explosion
11. Spiritual Migration
12. Returning To The Source
13. Outro


This is such an amazing album, awesome melodies with a progressive feel to it, lots of blast beats and sick vocals. Check them out!

Denial Silence - Denial Silence EP (2013)

EP #11-12-13 cover art 
Artist: Denial Silence
Album: Denial Silence
Genre:  Groove Metal/ Metalcore/ Progressive Metal
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Intro
2. Altered reality
3. Blind Slaves
4. Loss
5.Regeneration (Feat Nano Leiva from
6. Outro

 Bandcamp (NYP)

This is a pretty sick groove metal band from spain, needless to say there's lots of grooves :P.It also has a bit of a metalcore feel along with some clean vocals. Check them out!