Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hey everyone, I have some bad news, as you might have noticed I haven't posted in a long time. I have been really busy in my personal life and haven't had the time to fully commit to the blog. So for the time being I will no longer be posting anything. I will leave the blog the way it is so you can still access all the previous posts. Thank you to everyone that has supported me in the past 4 1/2 years. It's been a great experience, and I love how great the metal community can be in promoting new and rising bands. Keep it \m/ everyone!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Portals - God Complex [Ft. Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia] - Single (2017)

Artist: Portals
Album: God Complex [Ft. Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia]- Single
Genre: Deathcore/Beatdown/Djent
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

 1. God Complex [Ft. Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia]

Bandcamp (NYP)

Awesome new single from these dudes. Still loving the djent/beatdown combination and it sounds even more brutal with Duncan on vocals. Check them out!

Mara - The Wretched Tyrant (2017)

Artist: Mara
Album: The Wretched Tyrant
Genre: Symphonic Deathcore/Deathcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Intro
2. The Wretched Tyrant
3. Savior
4. The Battle for Holquinne
5. Hope
6. Contest for Power

Bandcamp (NYP)

This is a pretty brutal symphonic deathcore band, lots of melodic parts as well as some brutal breakdowns. Check them out!

Planetary Hack - Planetary Hack (2017)

Artist:  Planetary Hack
Album: Planetary Hack
Genre: Progressive Metal/Djent/ Electronic
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Part I
2. Part II
3. Part III

Bandcamp (NYP)

This is album is pretty damn interesting. All instruments are virtual but it still sounds quite a bit like a djent type song. There's a lot of electronic elements of course like dubstep and some ambient atmosphere as well. Well worth a listen! 

So This Is How It Ends - Undone - Single (2017)

Artist: So This Is How It Ends
Album: Undone - Single
Genre: Deathcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Undone

 Bandcamp (NYP)

This is a pretty brutal track from these dudes. Looking forwards to their first EP that should be out this spring! Check them out!

Vow of Volition - Anthelion (2017)

Artist: Vow of Volition
Album: Anthelion
Genre: Progressive/Technical Metal/Djent
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Promise
2. Reinvention
3. Celestial Seas
4. Anthelion
5. Volition
6. Vengeance
7. Destinations

Bandcamp ($6)

Really cool album from these guys, super groovy and technical but it works really well together. Check them out!

Various Artists - Glitched (Nintendocore Lives Compilation) 2017

Album: Glitched
Genre: Nintendocore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps
Facebook (Nintendocore Lives)

1. Starcutter - File Not Found
2. Weekly Words And Grammar - Days of Ruin
3. Are You Afraid Of The Dog Feat. Shotgun Guy - Corrin
4. Lost Number - Majora's Mixxx (Zelda's got a Tektite Ass)
5. Blindeyes - Everyday
6. She Wants The D-Pad feat. A Challenger Approaches - Bethesda Produced This Song
7. Cojam - Injoo
8. Feed The Bears - Mega Glitch X
9. Shotgun Guy feat. PANDSTAR - Red Falcon Death Faction
10. Polygon Horizon feat. Matthew Wilding - sus.sapien
11. Particle Damage - Pick Up The Phone, Hear it EXPLODE
12. In The Low - Things Don't Come Easy Pt. I
13. Unicorn Hole - Divine Wind
14. Falcon Pawnch feat. Andy G - Kart Collusion
15. Anti- PizzaBoy feat Thy Harvesting - Virtual Nightmare
16. Zorldo Kang - KANGS GONNA SHOOT YA
17. Muffin & Cupcake - Save Again
18. Glitch City Cafe feat. Dustin E and Unicorn Hole - The Fault Obscene
19. Heptaedium - Subpixel Carryover

Bandcamp ($10)

Really cool new comp from all these artists, they all have their own variation to nintendocore, there's some more djenty tracks as well as some that are a lot more heavy. Check them out!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Beyond The Extraction - EP (2016)

Artist: Beyond The Extraction
Album:  EP
Genre: Deathcore/Blackened Deathcore/Technical Deathcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Bound To The Depths
2. Dissimulate
3. Colossus Of Oblivion
4. Shapeless Abomination
5. Abysmal Eternity
6. Obliterate

Bandcamp ($5)

Really awesome new ep from these guys in my hometown. Brutal breakdowns, blast beats and some sick technical parts. Check them out! 

Wireless - Singles (2016)

Artist: Wireles
Album: Singles
Genre: Metalcore/ Hardcore
Bit Rate: 192 Kbps

1. New Holy War
2. Fight For Freedom

Download/Stream on Reverbnation

These are some pretty cool singles with female fronted vocals. Some pretty heavy breakdowns along with some cool melodies. Check them out!

Raise The Death Toll - Penthouse of 1000 Corpses (2016)

Artist: Raise The Death Toll
Album: Penthouse of 1000 Corpses
Genre: Deathcore 
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Penthouse of 1000 Corpses

Bandcamp (NYP)

Pretty brutal debut track from these guys, lots of blast beats and breakdowns. Check them out! 

Shotgun Surgeon - Advent - Single (2016)

Artist: Shotgun Surgeon
Album: Advent - Single
Genre: Deathcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps 

1. Advent  [Ft. CJ McCreery of Signs of the Swarm]

 Bandcamp ($1)

Brutal new track from these dudes. Some pretty brutal breakdowns along with some blast beats and some techy parts. Check them out!

Shotgun Guy VS. Weekly Words and Grammar - Split W/ Weekly Words and Grammar (2016)

Artist: Shotgun Guy VS. Weekly Words and Grammar
Album: Split W/Weekly Words and Grammar
Genre: Nintendocore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps
  Facebook (Shotgun Guy)
 Facebook (Weekly Words and Grammar)

1. Exit The Fucking Dragongly!!! Ft. Got Item!
2. Teenage Mutant Zero Turtles Ft. Go:Eskimo
3. Ecco Of Despair Ft. Muffin
4. Fear Is The Mind Killer Ft. Go:Eskimo
5. Weekly Words And Grammar-Melancholy Intro
6. Weekly Words And Grammar -  Misplaced Nostalgia
7. Weekly Words And Grammar - Fighting With Fire
8. Weekly Words And Grammar - Just Eat It
9. Weekly Words And Grammar - The Forgotten Sea

 Bandcamp (NYP)

 Cool new split album from these dudes. It has a lot of sick breakdowns and some really cool Nintendo themed atmosphere. Check them out!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Seeking Divinity - The Decline - Single (2016)

Artist: Seeking Divinity
Album: The Decline - Single 
Genre: Symphonic Deathcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. The Decline

Bandcamp (NYP)
Youtube: Lyric Video 

This is a new project of mine with a friend on vocals.  We are working on a 10 track album that will have a different metal genre for each track including; metalcore, mathcore, progressive, black metal and so on. Let me know what you guys think!

Contemplations - Freedom - Single (2016)

Artist: Contemplations
Album: Freedom - Single
Genre: Deathcore/Metalcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps 

1. Freedom

Bandcamp (NYP) 

This is the first song of a new collaborative project. Each song in the upcoming album will have a different vocalist. I'm really looking forward to see how it will sound.

The Collapse - Exhale Hate - Single (2016)

Artist:  The Collapse
Album: Exhale Hate - Single
Genre: Deathcore/Beatdown
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Exhale Hate

Bandcamp (NYP)

These guys recently released this brutal track. It has some grooves and a bit of an eerie atmosphere. They have new material on the way. Check them out!

Set Before Us - Enigmas - EP (2016)

Artist:  Set Before Us
Album: Enigmas - EP
Genre: Melodic Metalcore/ Metalcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1.Clay Heart
2. Earth Destroyer
3. Peripheral Vision
4. Eye To Eye
5. Dusk/Dawn


 This new ep is pretty sick, it has some cool melodic parts that remind me a bit of August Burns Red. Also some pretty heavy breakdowns that sound a lot like Breakdown of Sanity. Check them out if you haven't already.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Upon Those Dying - Upon Those Dying (2016)

Artist: Upon Those Dying
Album: Upon Those Dying 
Genre: Deathcore/Beatdown
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Lifeless
2. Violation
3. Infection
4. Conviction
5. Suffering

 Bandcamp (3GBP) 

Pretty sick album from these dudes, lots of brutal breakdowns with some eerie atmosphere. You can download a couple of their singles for free on their bandcamp as well. Give em a listen!

Shotgun Guy - The Absolution, Act 64: Dracula's Sewer Lair (2016)

Artist: Shotgun Guy
Album: The Absolution, Act 64: Dracula's Sewer Lair
Genre: Nintendocore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Simon Says
2. Turtle Power
3. Mother Demon Murder Scheme'n
4. Br00tal Hill Zone

 Bandcamp (NYP)

 A pretty brutal nintendocore project. Check it out!

Qui Gon's Heritage - EP//Sode II (2016)

Artist: Qui Gon's Heritage
Album: EP//Sode II
Genre: Deathcore/Progressive
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Pessimist
2. Innuendo
3. Dead End Horizon
4. Trapped
5. Insights (feat. Nils from Beyond The Setting Sun)

 Bandcamp (7EU) 

Pretty sick new album from these dudes, tons of brutal breakdowns and some sick melodic parts. Check them out!

GOD - GOD I (2016)

Artist: GOD
Album: GOD I
Genre: Progressive Metal/Djent/Instrumental
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. God
2. Salvation
3. Foreknown
4. Predestined
5. Creation
6. Life
7. Free Will
8. Sin
9. Jesus Christ
10. Truth

  Bandcamp (NYP)

This is a pretty sick album, tons of grooves and heavy breakdowns with some cool atmosphere. The album is currently incomplete as they are releasing songs one at a time every few weeks from what I've seen. Check them out if you haven't already, the new tracks are definitely worth the wait.


Artist: Polair
Genre: Hardcore/Hardcore Punk
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Of Injustice
2. White Song
3. Born Dead
4. TBC
5. With Perseverance
6. The Assessment
7. Sara Jihad Paul
8. Cold Faith

 Bandcamp (NYP)

Cool album from these dudes, lots of mixed elements making a unique combination of hardcore and punk. Maybe a bit of post in there as well. Check them out!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The World To Come - The Cartesian (2016)

Cover art
Artist: The World To Come
Album: The Cartesian
Genre: Ambient/Atmospheric Deathcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. The Cartesian: Dualistic Genesis
2. Apotheosis (feat. Taylor Ellis)
3. Deity of Eridu
4. Scribe of Thoth
5. Bride of Eros
6.  Temple of Minerva
7. Verdict of Anianrhod
8. Prophet of Vitruvius (feat. Keenan Farris)
9. Decadence ( feat. Tyler Sirvinskas)
10. The Cartesian: Monothetic Revelation (feat. Mark Garett)

Google Play
Youtube: Full Album Stream

I've been looking forward to this album for a long time and it definitely disappoint. Brutal breakdowns with eerie atmosphere and tons of grooves. Check them out if you haven't already! 

AggroNymph - Till Life Sets Us Apart (2016)

Artist: AggroNymph
Album: Till Life Sets Us Apart
Genre: Electronic/ Gothic Metal
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Tranquil (Intro)
2. Chemo
3. Till Life Sets Us Apart
4. Moonlight
5. Like Before!

Bandcamp ($5)

Another awesome ep like their last one. I find they mix the genres together really well to make a unique atmosphere to the music. Each album mixes it up a bit and keeps it interesting. Give them a listen if you haven't already.

Honos - Honra (2016)

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Artist: Honos
Album: Honra
Genre: Deathcore/Beatdown/Downtempo
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps 

1. Intro
2. Vencer
3. Alma Corrompida
4. A Maldade dos Falsos (part.Maikon Campioni from AthimiA)

Youtube: Full Stream

This is a pretty damn brutal ep, its a good mix of deathcore and beatdown. Lots of brutal breakdowns and groves along with some blast beats. Check them out!

Animate The End - Anomalous - EP (2016)

Artist: Animate The End
Album: Anomalous - EP
Genre: Deathcore/Djent/Mathcore/Instrumental 
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Geenseer
2. Unnumbered
3. Myriad Effect
4. Vitalism
5. Polaris
6. Misgiving
7. Influx

 Bandcamp (NYP)

This is a really sick debut ep, tons of sick breakdowns and grooves, along with some mathy parts. Check them out!