Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Fox In The Henhouse - Home Is Where You Curl Up & Die - EP (2016) + Choking On Misery Single (2016)

Home Is Where You Curl Up & Die cover art 
Artist: A Fox In The Henhouse
Album: Home Is Where You Curl Up & Die 
Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Diarrhea Dialect
2. My Heart Is In The Right Place... Although My Head Is Not
3. When I Look Back On It All
4. Rampant
5. Curl Up & Die

1. Choking On Misery

Bandcamp (NYP)
Bandcamp Single (NYP)

This is a cool ep, there are some hardcore as well as metalcore influences along with some pretty heavy breakdowns. Check them out!

A Silent Daylight - Guerra De Lobos - Singles (2016)

Guerra de Lobos cover art 
Artist: A Silent Daylight
Album: Guerra De Lobos
Genre: Metalcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Guerra De Lobos
2. Orillas

Bandcamp (NYP)

 These guys just released some pretty cool new singles, they got some heavy breakdowns as well as some cool melodies. Looking forward to them releasing a new EP in September. Check them out!

Console Crash - Self Titled (2016) & Shredtendo EP (2014)

Console Crash cover art 
Artist: Console Crash
Album:  Console Crash & Shredtendo
Genre: Instrumental/ Metal
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

Tracklist 1:
1. Rough Landing
2. The Vines That Blind
3. Tunnels & Tunnelers
4. Fallow Plains
5. Rain Cannons
6. Above The Purple Canopy
7. Gills
8. War Boss Showdown
9. Reconstruction Protocol
10. Gravity Well Escape

Bandcamp ($5)

Tracklist 2:
1. Gremlins2
2.  Megaman III
3. A Nightmare On Elm Street

Bandcamp (NYP)

These guys have some pretty cool albums based on NES games. They pretty much have a heavy metal spin on the original songs and it sounds awesome. If you have played any of these old games I'm sure you will enjoy this medley. Check them out!

Dante's Theory - Amut - Single (2016)

Amut cover art 
Artist: Dante's Theory
Album:  Amut - Single
Genre: Deathcore
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Amut

  Bandcamp (NYP)
Youtube: Amut

Cool new single from these dudes, some blast beats and heavy breakdowns, looking forward to new material from them. Check it out!