Monday, December 24, 2012

So This Is Suffering – A Deathscene on Delay (2012)

A Deathscene On Delay, So This Is Suffering
Artist: So This Is Suffering
Album:  Deathscene on Delay
Genre: Deathcore
 Bit Rate: VBR

1. A Deathscene On Delay
2. Shitty City Groove
3. Wait To Exhale
4. If Words Aren't Enough
5. Hearts Made Of Wax
6. Denouement
7. The Tear-Away Face
8. Red Walls Behind Closed Doors
9. Peace In The Discord

Some of the best deathcore out there! Killer vox and heavy as shit! Go support these guys their awesome and  Merry Christmas people!

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