Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Deviant Syndrome - 66 Ways To Redemption (2013)

66 Ways to Redemption cover art 
Artist: Deviant Syndrome
Album: 66 Ways To Redemption
Genre: Melodic Death Metal/ Symphonic Death Metal
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Entrance: Self-Inflicted Wound
2. Countdown: Next Degeneration
3. Desolated: Symptoms Of Plague
4. Collectors: Anthem To The Bastard Nation
5. Taint: Fear Breeds Larvae
6. Obsession: Hate Campaign
7. Judgement: Your Bloodstained Path
8. Motherlode: 66 Ways To Redemption
9. Wastelands: Global Communism

Bandcamp (8$)

I used to be really into melodic death metal and when I heard this album I just had to have it. This is just an amazing album for its genre, great melodies and some symphonic elements, some of it reminded me a bit of Children Of Bodom. I couldn't find any copies other than 128kbps so I just went and bought it. Go support these guys and buy the album!

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