Wednesday, December 16, 2015

xKINGx - The Gathering (2015)

Artist: xKINGx
Album: The Gathering
Genre: Deathcore/Down-Tempo/Beatdown/Atmospheric/Ambient
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1. Lifeless
2. Feign [Feat. Devin Sockwell of Feign]
3. Deliver Us From Evil [Feat. Julian Kersey of Aegaeon]
4. Flesh Wounds [Feat. Nick Arthur of Molotov Solution]
5. Deceiver [Feat. Anthony Alexander of REX]
6. Dead Remission [Feat. Davis Rider of Immoralist]
7. Contaminated [Feat. Denis Shalnykh of Shivers]
8. Reckoning [Feat. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher]
9. Deranged Diagnosis [Feat. Mitch Howie of The Dialectic]
10. The Collector [Feat. Adam Warren of Oceano]
11. Genocide [Feat. Aiden Versteegh of Falsifier]
12. Foul Cleansing [Feat. Jamie Hanks of I Declare War]
13. Conclusion [Feat. Dickie Allen, Dustin Mitchell of Filth and Justin Wilson of Invoker]

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This is a brutal hour long beatdown album featuring tons of amazing artists, it has tons of eery atmosphere, brutal breakdowns and filthy vocals. This is a must listen for beatdown fans!

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